Adult Residential

adult-residentialG.L.O.M. also opened its first adult residential facility in 2007 where we provide residential and mental health and case management services for women who come from backgrounds of being incarcerated, battered, homeless, and drug and alcoholic dependency.

Philosophy Statement

women-sitting-talkingThe philosophy behind G.L.O.M. ARF is people with mental illnesses not only belong in the community, but can be productive and contributing members of their community. It is our belief than any individual, regardless of the severity of their disability, has desires and needs as anybody else. They have the same needs and desires to be included as part of any community and reside in a home that they can call their own. They have the right to reside in a community in a less restrictive environment and not be isolated in private and/or state institution.

G.L.O.M. ARF’s philosophy will be person centered. Ours is an approach to determine, plan for and work toward the preferred future of clients with mental illnesses disabilities and their families. The preferred future is what the person and family want to do in the future based on their strengths, capabilities, preferences, lifestyle and cultural background. Person-centered planning is a framework for planning and making decisions. G.L.O.M. ARF’s person centered planning will be based on awareness of and sensitivity to, the lifestyle and cultural background of the client and family.

For those individuals who can no longer reside with their families; for those that require additional support or those that are transitioning to a less restrictive setting, G.L.O.M. ARF will provide a new home for them. By providing a caring environment, support and the services including a compassionate staff, these individuals will feel part of our family.

Statement of Purpose

The facility goal is to be a strong foundation with a wholesome approach and client centered support. The owner is looking to establish healthy relationships with Licensing and all placement agencies. The personal motivation of the owner is to build a successful facility that comes from the love and dedication to serve. G.L.O.M. ARF will be dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality support and service to the client whether they are a short term or longer placement.

The licensee and staff share the same core values, work ethics and dedication to provide positive support to individuals who have mental illnesses. The purpose is to provide 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, direct care and supervision and special services for individuals with mental illnesses. Each and every client will be a functional part of G.L.O.M. ARF. This all inclusive approach will promote harmonious living with clients and provide an inviting family centered atmosphere.

Program Description

G.L.O.M. ARF is a 24 hour, Mental Health Adult Residential Facility located in Livermore. G.L.O.M. ARF is a three bedroom single family home. It is more than compatible with others in the area. It is a 1950 sq. ft home with a nice large backyard, gated yard and open free spaced rooms. Clients have their own bathroom, linen closet and closets. There is a separate laundry area in the home, a formal living room, a family room, a full kitchen and a quaint dining room. We intentionally wanted an intimate environment for the client. G.L.O.M. ARF is so committed to providing quality care and a fighting chance to the potential client which is why we want a lower capacity.

This is a six (6) bed facility and while G.L.O.M. ARF is proud of the fact that they will be able to offer more person centered care; we are also aware that clients needing a higher service level of care may have a need for more personal space. The client room is a large room with ample space, twin beds and the client will have their own dresser. There is also ample room for leisure and relaxation when the client wants to get away. We have a huge furnished patio and a large living room. G.L.O.M. ARF is conscious of compatibility and space in the meantime.

G.L.O.M. ARF wants to set a good example for the client in the facility. G.L.O.M. ARF will ensure that clients will be exposed to their cultural awareness, food and products specific for them should they show an interest. G.L.O.M. ARF wants to aid in the clients socialization and comfort whether in the home or in public. G.L.O.M. ARF will ensure that the client feels excepted in home or the community. When emotional trauma is a factor with the client, having a sense of belonging and identity is paramount when their development has been arrested.

G.L.O.M. ARF will emphasize the preferred future of our clients and their family by finding out what their life goals, capabilities and strengths, preferences, barriers and concerns or problems are. We will not allow clients to watch television all day as a form of care and supervision. We want the client to have options and active treatment. In the person centered process, we will identify the needs barriers, concerns and problems experienced by our clients, but only as they relate to the goals, capabilities, strengths and preferences of the client and family.

In the natural environment; i.e. walking in the neighborhood, life lessons will be taught constantly. We will teach the client to look both ways in the parking lots and driveways. We will teach proper interaction with others polite eye contact while not rudely starring at others. We intend on taking the client to the sporting events, we will let them know as they meet people it is o.k. to greet them and shake their hands, it is only after a relationship is established that hugging is a proper way to greet a friend.

G.L.O.M. ARF will use music and entertainment as a reward for the client. Should the client take an interest in music of any kind, we would like to focus on that as well. Music and dance will be a huge part of the facility. We would just as well listen to music than turn the television on. We feel music is calming and could aid in the development of the client. Dance is not only exercise but it is movement and expression. It is a way to be silly and to connect with the social consciousness of the day.