Our History

programs chaplainGod’s Love Outreach Ministries a.k.a G.L.O.M. Is a California based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation formed January 18, 2005.  The corporation was founded by our founder Dr. Allen S. Turner with the intent of reaching the needs of underprivileged groups within the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, San Mateo, and Santa Clara.  G.L.O.M.’s mission is to take the God given abilities of our people, and design programs and life changing services that will enhance the lives of the groups we serve.

G.L.O.M.’s programs of service are our Chaplaincy programs, Mobile mental health therapist and case management services, Mental Health Group Home services, Adult residential services, Behavioral health ILSP services, and Child care centers.  With the overwhelming needs that are evident in providing social and mental health services to the rising population within our state and nation, G.L.O.M. has risen to the call to help meet these needs and challenges by using our skills, knowledge based approach, and experience to serve the needs of all who request our services.

G.L.O.M. in 2007 was awarded a 5 year contract with the Alameda County Sherriff’s Office to oversee the chaplaincy services for both the Glenn Dyer and Santa Rita facilities where our chaplains provided counseling services for over 6,000 inmates daily and 60,000 inmates annually.  G.L.O.M. also opened its first adult residential facility in 2007 where we provide residential and mental health and case management services for women who come from backgrounds of being incarcerated, battered, homeless, and drug and alcoholic dependency.  G.L.O.M. opened its first child academy where we provide school aged children from grades Kindergarten through 4th grade the opportunity to receive school based state approved teachings and after school care services.  In 2015 G.L.O.M. has began our Mobile therapy services where our licensed therapist are dispatched to homes of foster care families where we provide therapy and case management services to youth who have been placed in foster homes.  These services are meant to provide support to foster parent and the children to ensure proper unification and mental health support to children who need or have been previously diagnosed with and mental or behavior disorder.  Our mobile therapist are also provide services to the adult populations in the various counties we serve.  We are in the process of opening a Independent Living residential facility for the 18-25 year old population who have transitioned from foster care or group home placements and are now needing housing to become productive citizens within our communities.

G.L.O.M. is an innovative and convergent company which has different areas of focus but yet are all focused on meeting the needs of underprivileged groups within all our communities.  We look forward to partnerships and collaborations from county and state agencies, as well as other community partners and entities in helping to meet the needs of those who needs our services.