Mobile Mental Health Therapist and Case Management

mental-healthjIn 2015 G.L.O.M. has began our Mobile Therapy Services where our licensed therapist are dispatched to homes of foster care families where we provide therapy and case management services to youth who have been placed in foster homes.  These services are meant to provide support to foster parent and the children to ensure proper unification and mental health support to children who need or have been previously diagnosed with and mental or behavior disorder.  Our mobile therapist also provide services to the adult populations in the various counties we serve.

The In-Home Therapy team with the family identifies behavioral treatment goals then delivers focused interventions to enhance individual and family problem-solving, implement clear and consistent limits, create strategies to maintain safety and manage risk factors, develop effective communication and coping skills, and identify and build natural/community-based supports to improve overall functioning of all family members.

The Clinician and Therapeutic Training and Support staff further implement the therapeutic goals by identifying and providing education about relevant resources, advocating for the youth and family’s needs within the community, coordinating care with other providers, completing referrals for beneficial services and providing transportation.

Foster Parent Support

Many foster parents have made a major decision to take in a Foster child and provide them a home. The ongoing problem we Have seen with this model is the parents aren’t always ready and Capable to handle some of our children who come from traumatic past which stem from physical and even sexual abuse, mental and behavioral illnesses, exploitation, attachment disorders, etc. Many foster parents need support to be able to maintain and keep the child in their care. This is where the G.L.O.M. MOBILE THERAPY TEAM come into play. We have 15 licensed mobile therapist who are assigned to territories throughout Northern California who will come into the home and provide individual therapy for the child as well as family therapy for the whole family, to help support unification within the home. Our Mobile therapist also will provide emergency crisis response support to the family.

The team will sit with the parents and give behavioral intervention techniques to help the parents in parenting and supporting the child.

Our Mobile residential team will come into the home and do our initial observation stage where we observe the child and parent in their normal day to day environment. We then will sit down with the parent and give our findings and analysis, and then show them our Proven Approach technique as well as a Behavior plan that will help bring order within the home. Our team will then interact with the child and show the parent how our techniques can be used to help the child develop a manner-able behavior.

Adults and Seniors

Our Mobile Therapy team also provides in home therapy to all adults and seniors who are in need of in home mental and behavior therapy services. Our therapist will visit the home of the adult or senior and provide individual therapy sessions for the individual, as well as provide support to the live in guardian or agent within the home. Along with this service we also will provide emergency response services to those adults and seniors in need of extra support. Our mobile therapist also provide alcohol and drug treatment counseling services for all ages.