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G.L.O.M. Gives Back

G.L.O.M.’s Community Outreach Day in Merced helped over 150 Homeless men and women!

We gave away FREE clothing, lunch bags, hygiene bags and assisted the underserved community with signing up for General Assistance/Foodstamps/Medi-Cal, I.D. Card, Housing Placement, Cell Phones, Hair Cuts and much more!

We’re proud to say that we were in collaboration with Merced County Behavioral Health, Merced Police Department & Golden Valley Healthcare Street Van.

We also want to thank Merced County Human Services Agency, Merced County Department of Public Health, Assurance Wireless, Merced County Housing Placement and all of the staff at G.L.O.M. who were present and who helped make this event as essential and successful as it was!

We Are A Safe Haven & A Refuge For Those In Need.

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